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School Inspectorate of Dolj

 The School Inspectorate of Dolj county is a public authority which promotes the educational strategy at county level and it has the role of interinstitutional coordination and strategical communication between the Ministry of Education  and schools. 

The School Inspectorate ensures the quality of the educational process and of the achievement of  the equality of chances in education, it also supports the institutional development of the schools in order to strengthen their autonomy under competition terms, according to the national standards .The activity of the School Inspectorate is to implement the decisions and the measures taken at national level, to ensure their correct understanding within the system and to take the best action for them to be achieved. 

There are 46 posts of which 21 are held by school inspectors for different subjects and 7 inspectors for institutional management, human resources development, one general school inspector and 2  deputy general inspectors. 

The School Inspectorate of Dolj County has a department for educational projects which is coordinated by the school inspector specialized in this field, along  with a board of consulting members  and teams of consultants and multiplicators of European information as well as. They plan, develop and monitor the actions included in the management plan designed for this field. 

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