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Final Meeting and Conference of the Erasmus Plus CLAVET Project
Third Meeting of the Erasmus+ CLAVET Project
Second Meeting of the Erasmus+ CLAVET Project

Second Meeting of the Erasmus+ CLAVET Project

Clavet staff » 10/09/2015

Clavet Selected under the first call for applications of “Erasmus+” (the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sports, aligned with the E2020 Strategy, running from 2014 to 2020), and framed within the so-called “Key Action - 2" (KA2), sub-action “Strategic Partnerships”, the CLAVET project held its second transnational project meeting last September 8th. Coordinated by the University of Malaga (UMA) Spain, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ana Salinas de Frias (Professor at the Faculty of Law, Departament of Political Sciences, Public International Law and Procedural Law) and managed by the International Relations and Cooperation Office, dependent of the Vice-Rectorate for Communications and International Affairs, the project has a duration of 2 years (01/09/2014-31/08/2016) and counts on partner institutions, local authorities and organizations from 8 countries, all of them with extensive experience in EU-funded projects: Internet Web Solutions SL, ES; IDP SAS Di Giancarlo Costantino (Italian Development Partners), IT; Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires ASBL, BE; Comune di Reggio Emilia, IT; Jadransko Euroregija, HR; Hassa Ilce Milli Egitim Nudurlugu, TR; Yeri Municipality, CY; Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Dolj, RO; Municipality of Distomo - Arachova - Antikyra, GR.

As a continuation to the "Kick-off Meeting", held at UMA last February with the aim of establishing the foundations for project management, organization and implementation, the second meeting took place in the Municipality of Yeri, Cyprus. In this case the aim was to show and discuss the progress made so far (first year of implementation) as well as to establish the necessary action plans applicable to different aspects of the project (administrative management, financial management, communication, promotion, dissemination, intellectual outputs, quality, sustainability, etc.) having treated and exposed successfully all points of the planned agenda. In addition to the technical sessions, attendees had the chance to take a guided tour around the Municipality of Yeri, where they could meet the Mayor, as well as of enjoying a mini-tour around Nicosia, the capital.

As a welcome addition to its main goals, the project, aims at establishing a solid and long-lasting network constituted by key (external) stakeholders that may contribute in great manner to sustain, support, and further extend its outcomes and
achievements both during the project lifespan and beyond, while consolidating a “core” of trustful partners that may be easily teamed-up and engaged in new joint endeavors and projects in the near future.

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