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Final Meeting and Conference of the Erasmus Plus CLAVET Project
Third Meeting of the Erasmus+ CLAVET Project
Second Meeting of the Erasmus+ CLAVET Project

All CLAVET's partners in Malaga for the kick-off meeting of the CLAVET Project

CLAVET staff » 12/02/2015

CLAVET - Cooperation  Local  Authorities  for  Voc The CLAVET Project was launched officially in Málaga, Spain. CLAVET is a VET best practice project funded by the Erasmus plus.

The EU Commission stresses that major geographic disparities persist in educational opportunities and outcomes, across and within EU regions, high lightening persistent "big regional disparities in terms of educational opportunities and achievements in the EU".

The regional level is responsible for education and training and it is at regional level that decisions are taken and put into. Local authorities are at the forefront of policy formulation, implementation and monitoring in the field of education and training. In addition, the regional and local authorities represent the closest-to-the citizen public authority and thus have considerable capacity to re-direct citizens towards education and training.

Local authorities are the ones to implement programmes, monitor and feed into the strategy formulation process but seldom exchange knowledge and expertise on how the qualitative development of suitable VET initiatives. At present there are no formal and structured mechanisms for inter-regional and cross-border (i.e. across EU countries) cooperation in the field of VET.

Against this background, CLAVET aims at developing a platform for structured cooperation among local authorities for the qualitative development of education and training initiatives with the overall objective of overcoming geographical and border barriers and the aim of realizing the EU education and training area. The CLAVET platform will become a point of reference for local authorities in the formulation and implementation of education and training initiatives: the platform will consolidate knowledge, experiences and expertise from the various participating local authorities and become a knowledge hub and meeting point for local policy makers in the domain of education and training. In addition to exchanging best practices, the community of participants will allow to build a Rapid Response Mechanism for local policy makers.

CLAVET is devoted to the target group identified in the local policy makers involved in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of education and training policies and programmes.

The sustainability and impact of the project is guaranteed by the goal of establishing a permanent network for structured inter-regional and cross-border cooperation across Europe for enhanced qualitative development of education and training at local and territorial level.

The partnership will also develop content and training material to empower local policy makers in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of education and training policies and programmes. The CLAVET Fiches will be available in 9 languages and will capture best practices, lessons learned and practical examples of policy and programmes for education and training in the diverse regions of Europe. Such wealth of knowledge, training content and policy tools will be made widely and freely available through the CLAVET Open Educational Resources to widen and deepen the impact of the project also beyond the cofinancing of Erasmus+.

During the kick-off meeting, partners defined the scope and scale of the project activities and fine-tuned the layout of the new website that will be updated with the relevant content and information. In addition, partners discussed project management and dissemination aspects to ensure the implementation of the main project deliverables and products according to schedule.

For more information about the CLAVET project, contact

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