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Areas: Industrial Production

Real estate & Building

New learning opportunities for a smooth transition to the labour market

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Areas: Energy and Environment

Industrial Production

NO.WA - No waste

Keywords: waste reduction; re-use; eco-friendly production;

Waste management remains an important challenge for local authorities and private sector organizations.
The mass retailers can make a significant contribution to the reduction of waste as they have a strong purchasing power and can thus influence, for example, the packaging policies. Moreover they can raise environmental awareness among consumers and thus reduce waste production.

Main actions
- Mapping the best experiences of waste reduction in mass retailers already developed at national and international level
- Developing a waste reduction plan, to be tested with the mass retailers in the Municipalities of Reggio Emilia and Trento
- Implementing a feasibility study for the creation of a “re-use center” which allows the recovery of reusable item

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