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Final Meeting and Conference of the Erasmus Plus CLAVET Project
Third Meeting of the Erasmus+ CLAVET Project
Second Meeting of the Erasmus+ CLAVET Project
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Areas: Culture and Multimedia

International Relationships and EU Projects

Services - Commercial and Marketing

Services - General


I-KEY: Istrian Knowledgeable and Experienced Youth

Keywords: Youth / Unemployment / Intense program for business trainees / Volunteering / Business sector

Through the duration of the project 161 participants has been involved in project activities, first in the workshops through training, but also through practice on real business projects and volunteering in NGOs. Those have for sure improved their knowledge, and they have acquired high quality skills that will help them in their first employment. At the end it reached the number of 161 candidates out of 120 foreseen, 44 were participants of male gender and 117 of female gender. Also 37 participants were members of various minorities of the Istrian region.
Beside the first Training sessions on CV writing, motivational skills, organization management, role play courses, etc., 30 most active candidate gat the opportunity to be educated in the Intense program for business trainees (IPBT). IPBT was a tailor-made courses and trainings of the most important business knowledge and skills while simultaneously working on 4 different real-world business projects. With the help of the Foundation, and the selfless help of four institutions: "Arena Moda" from Pula, the "Casa di Matiki" - agro tourism from Ċ½minj, Discotheque "Jimmy Woo", and the Administrative Department for Economy of the Istrian County participants have gained practical experience and insight into the real operations, which will be of great importance for their first job. Furthermore, 43 candidates had the opportunity to participate in the voluntary program, which beside philanthropy is the fundamental principle of the Foundation. For them 43 that was a quality work experience that will surely help them in finding their first job and a great asset for future employers.
Also many other activities have been made. Web portal ( where anyone can find new info about employment, about the project and project partners, job offers, upload a CV or search the CV database. To further strength the contacts between young people and public and private companies, and provide an office for counseling the unemployed youth had opened a contact office in the City of Vodnjan.
Dissemination activities were a vital part of the project and the tool for reaching the candidates, business sector representatives and the wide public.

In addition to partners and their contribution to the project an added value was given from the Associates: Chamber of economy, Regional office Pula, Croatian Employment Service, Regional office Pula, the University of Pula, Towns Buje, Pazin, Pula and Buzet, and many other institutions such as high schools, open universities, media and others. That gave us their expertise, facilities and help in reaching the target group.


Areas: Culture and Multimedia


ICT, Telecommunications and Communication

Services - Commercial and Marketing

Services - General

Course on teaching how to become a trainer, an on-line trainer and a training manager

Keywords: education for trainers-training on line- training manager- training planification- presential teachin- on line teaching

The course is structured into three different parts. The first part is devoted to the goal of teaching trainers. In this regard the programme approaches a number of key topics: a) elements related to educational background design and learning process; b) levels of intervention as far as learning process' plannig is concerned; c) realtionship between learning and work; d) selection of didactic resources; e)autonomous learning and its supervision; f) strategies for market orientation of the learned contents; f) elaboration of a learning/teaching plan; g) self-employment; h) woring team formation and motivation.

The second group of aspects (teaching trainers) dealt with are the following: a)e-learning processes and elements included; b) activities to be carried out by a e-learning processes and ways of evaluating them; c) outlook, email, websites, on-line platforms, interfaces and social networks.

The third group of aspects deals with: a) organization of information; b) managing training projects and programmes; c) evaluating training programmes and projects; d) marketing of the contents learned/to be learned.


Areas: Education

Services - General

Empowering women entrepreneurs on SME management and entrepreneurship matters

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